How to Decide if Your House Would Benefit From a Cool Roof

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Did you know a conventional roof with shingles or asphalt can reach over 150 degrees Fahrenheit during the hottest part of the day or year? These high temperatures can make homes and businesses feel stuffy and uncomfortable way into the evening hours. Even worse, if you use air conditioning, then it will take more energy to reduce the temperatures to a comfortable level. 

Cool roofs are paints, materials, and applications that reduce the effect of daily warming from the sun. How do you know if you should jump on this trend? We talk about the most popular reasons to go cool in this blog. 

You live in an open area

Without a canopy of trees to protect your house, the sun can heat up a dark roof in a little time. To reduce this effect, you can install a lighter color material or paint your roof to reflect the sun rays back into the atmosphere and away from your house. When you have no natural protection from the sun, it is important to find creative ways to reduce daily heating and stuffiness. 

You want your roof to last longer

No one wants to install a new roof just to do the job again in ten or fifteen years. A cool roof does not see the damage a traditional shingle roof gets from drawing in the sun’s rays. It can last for years longer without the sun damage that shingle roofs experience. Cool roof materials take longer to wear down and some insurance companies will offer rate discounts on homeowner’s insurance for people with these cooler home technologies. 

The hot climate is burning you up

Depending on the location, city buildings with cool technologies can lower the heat between three-quarters of a degree to over three degrees. These numbers may not seem very big, but when the temperature outside is creeping up to 100 degrees, even a small change can make a big difference to how you feel and how much you pay to keep your home comfortable. 

Energy costs are creeping higher

Are your electric bills higher than last year? Do you find yourself turning the thermostat down on your central air or air conditioning unit? Paying close attention to these items can help you choose whether you want a cool roof or a traditional shingle job the next time you schedule a roof inspection or home repairs. By keeping the sun from baking your house, you can keep your energy costs at a minimum saving you money and increasing your comfort. 

You want to do your part to help the environment

The NY Times says helping save the world from global heating is possible with these cool roofs. If businesses and homeowners convert neighborhoods and cities to these sun reflecting materials by the masses, then it may be possible to improve the environmental effects. When everyone does their part to better the quality of life for the community, then everyone benefits including the Earth. 

Choosing whether to go with a cool roof or other roofing design depends on several factors. As a homeowner, you should do plenty of research and consult a few professionals in the field before deciding whether you want this style of roof. The U.S. Government tells people working together using these technologies can reduce the urban heat island effect. Plus, the draw on the electrical system will lessen. By reducing energy consumption, entire communities can lower local temperatures and lessen the effects of global warming. Further benefits include reducing the wastes the electrical plants put off.

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