How-to Decorate Your Beach House While on a Budget

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Beach houses are treasured places. This is where people return again and again to spend time along the shore. A beach home invites people create memories, appreciate nature and enjoy sun, sand and cooling sea breezes. Many people want to make their beach house a fabulous place where they can celebrate all the area has to offer. Doing so on a budget is easier than ever with these simple yet highly effective techniques. Any homeowner should look to what they love about living next to the beach as well their own personal design style for inspiration. In doing so, they will find the beach home a place that lets them get away from the ordinary and feel truly at home here all year long.

Keeping it Simple

One of the greatest things about spending time at the beach is the opportunity to enjoy simple pleasures every day. Walking along the beach at sunset, collecting shells and dipping a toe in the waters do not cost much. The same should be true of any beach home. Simple decorating schemes are best and also budget friendly at the same time.

The Outdoors

Take inspiration from the outdoors. Life at a beach house is all about celebrating the outdoors. Begin any decor plan by decorating around the home. There are lots of flowers, shrubs and other forms of greenery that grow very well even in sandy soil. Setting up greenery outside is easy and low cost. Annuals and perennials transform the exterior and make it come alive with gentle color and pleasing scent.

Using Natural Resources

The world outside the beach house also has plenty of natural resources available for the taking. Create lots of beautiful frames easily decorated with seashells. Driftwood can be carefully sanded down to remove splinters and create a softer surface. Use it to add textural elements inside and outside. Sand can also serve as a background for art. Place sand inside brightly colored glass to make personalized art. Each room in the home can have a centerpiece made from items gathered directly from the area around the house. Crush some clam shells and use them to create a white boundary around the home. Homemade beach decor is rustic but also an elegant ideal that makes any home sing.

A Basic Color Scheme

The colors the beach are understated. Take a cue from the outdoors and use colors in the home the same way. White paint is inexpensive and easy to use in all rooms. Paint the entryway walls a pure shade of white. Contrast beautiful shades of white with bold navy and understated green. Add easy details with navy blue stripes in the living room. Use forest green to ground the entire scheme. A deck stained green blends in well with the surrounding area. Add touches of shades like rose and lavender for contrast that calls to mind flowers and the colors of the ocean as the sun goes down.

Beach Decor

Beach decor can easily take advantage of fabrics that are durable and yet inexpensive. Canvas stands up to heavy use and looks good but is also washable. Use it on chairs inside and outside the home. Canvas also makes ideal material to create a personalized canvas floor cloth that can be rolled up when not in use. Cotton is also widely available at a low price, takes color well and feels cool against the skin. Use cotton to create throw pillows and make inexpensive slipcovers. Cotton can also be used to create curtains that can be custom dyed to the user’s preferences. Hang them on windows to frame a view.

Inexpensive Accessories

Take any beach home and make it come alive with great details with the use of easy, fun accessories. Look to beach activities for inspiration. Hang decorated paddles in a boy’s bedroom for fun wall art. A simple wooden shelf can be hung in many other places in the home. This is an ideal way to keep organized and add details. Paint it white. Add a mirror on top of the shelf for a pleasing grouping with more light in the home.

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