How to Find The Perfect Cigars to Gift for The Holidays

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Cigars are excellent for relaxing and commemorating special occasions, and a substantial number of people, from cigar aficionados to occasional smokers, will appreciate the gift of stogies—especially around the holidays, when it’s time to celebrate.

With that said, it can be tough for nonsmokers (and those who rarely smoke) to pinpoint and purchase the best cigars for gifting. There’re so many options and so many variables (size, body, taste, wrapper, brand, etc.) to consider that buyers would do well to equip themselves with some basic information and insight. In this way, cigar recipients can have the most pleasant possible smoking experiences, and the holidays can be made that much more special and memorable.

To help stogie customers all around the world choose perfect cigars for holiday gifts, let’s take a look at some ultra-useful tips!

Look for Giftsets

Cigar companies produce a plethora of giftsets—variety collections of smokes that come with an accessory and/or a special container—around the holidays. These products are outstanding gifts, as they allow recipients to choose from several different smokes, they are aesthetically pleasing, and they don’t require any additional preparation (wrapping, boxing, etc.). Not a few cigar distributors hold giftset sales during the holiday season (overstocking is common), and so it’s also possible to nab awesome deals.

The only thing to bear in mind when purchasing giftsets is the type of stogie that’s most appealing to the recipient. It’s helpful to know his or her preferred brands and/or cigar types.

Know the Basics of Cigars

Speaking of knowing preferred cigar types, it’s also helpful to have a basic understanding of which cigars are available and which characteristics each stick brings with it. Cigar sizes—Toro, Churchill, Torpedo, and others—refer to the ring gauge and length of cigars. This information is more or less self-explanatory; on websites, look in the item description for an exact measurement of the cigars at-hand. And be sure to avoid purchasing unexpectedly small sticks!

On the other hand, cigars’ wrappers, or the type of outer tobacco leaf that’s used to hold the binder and filler tobacco in place, directly affects taste and strength. The short (and simplified) explanation of this point is that Connecticut cigars are generally mild and light, whereas Maduro (dark-colored) cigars are stronger and equipped with more powerful flavors. Cigars between Connecticut and Maduro falls somewhere in between on the taste and body spectrums.

Thus, cigars should be gifted with this information in mind. Those who seldom smoke would probably most enjoy Connecticut sticks, while veteran stogie smokers would probably most enjoy something with a bit more kick. Try not to overwhelm recipients with full-bodied cigars, as doing so can put a real damper on the holidays.

Invest in Infused Cigars

Infused cigars look, feel, and burn just like traditional cigars, except that they are seasoned (i.e. infused) with special flavors, from cherry to coffee and everything else in between. Moreover, infused cigars are excellent for gifting around the holidays because they taste tremendous and will allow experienced smokers to “mix things up.” Infrequent smokers are also more inclined to enjoy infused cigars, as their taste profiles are stronger and more widely appealing.

Accordingly, infused cigars make for ideal holiday gifts.

Utilize Professional Recommendations

Last but most certainly not least, the best cigars for holiday gifting can be found via professional recommendations. Brick-and-mortar stores’ cigar professionals almost always have smokes to recommend to customers, and online stores feature “staff recommendation” sections that provide new clients—and those who’re buying stogies as gifts—with the descriptions and know-how they need to make informed purchases.

Experience is to the cigar-purchasing process as it is to swimming: not necessary, but very, very useful and beneficial. As such, anyone who’s buying cigars for holiday gifts can get a jump on the process by seeking out the opinions, preferences, and recommendations of experienced enthusiasts.

These tips are sure to help each and every purchaser choose the best cigars to gift around the holidays. For additional cigar-related gifting options, consider ashtrays, lighters, cutters, matches, and/or humidors, all of which will be much appreciated by recipients.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and here’s to the holidays and cigars!

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