How To Install A Supercharger On A Vehicle

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When it comes to vehicles, many people love the roar of a powerful engine. While many vehicles already come with engines that are very powerful, there are numerous car and truck enthusiasts who love to give their vehicles an extra boost in horsepower. To accomplish this, many decide to install a supercharger on their vehicle. While this sounds as if it may be very complicated, the fact is for someone who is mechanically inclined under the hood, the process is rather easy. If you feel the need for speed while cruising down the highway, here is some information about superchargers, as well as tips you’ll need on their installation. 

Pick the Right Supercharger for Your Vehicle

Before you install a supercharger on your vehicle, it is important you choose the right type for your vehicle’s needs. The two main types of superchargers available are known as centrifugal and positive displacement. A centrifugal supercharger is much lighter and considered to be much more efficient than a positive displacement model, but the downside is it only delivers additional engine power as you build up speed. However, a positive displacement supercharger will provide additional engine power at any speed, making it a popular choice for most vehicles.

Positioning the Supercharger

Once you decide on the type of supercharger you want to install in your vehicle, the next step is figuring out the best way to position it on the engine. This is important, since after doing this you will need to create a pulley to drive the supercharger. If you decide to attach the supercharger to the top of the engine, which is the preferred spot for most people, you will need to create a new intake manifold, where is what the supercharger will be attached to once you’re done. However, if you decide to attach the supercharger to the side of your vehicle’s engine, you will then need to use brackets to attach it, much like the way the vehicle’s alternator is attached. In most vehicles, centrifugal superchargers are attached to the side with brackets, while positive displacement superchargers are positioned on top of the engine. More details about properly positioning your supercharger can be viewed at here.

Supercharger Pulleys

To make your supercharger run, you’ll need to have a pulley system under the hood. In most vehicles, this can be accomplished simply by lining up the pulley already on the supercharger with the other pulleys under the hood, then using a longer serpentine belt to connect everything. However, if this will not work in your vehicle, the next best thing to do is add a new pulley to the crank, then use a large toothed belt called a Gilmer belt to drive the supercharger. To make the best choice, you will need to know just how much extra power you want from your supercharger.

Oil Supply Lines

Once the supercharger is installed, you will need to make sure it has oil supply lines, an intercooler, and other necessary items that will not only provide power to the supercharger, but also let it cool down the incoming air. This is important, since cooling down the air will increase the efficiency of the supercharger and engine. Also, be sure you set up the installation so that filtered air can get to the supercharger’s intake, which will also boost efficiency.

Tuning the Engine and Supercharger

After you have finally done all the installation procedures regarding the supercharger, the last thing to do is to tune the engine and supercharger to make sure you are getting maximum efficiency from both. To do this, you will probably need to add a larger fuel pump or fuel injectors, since this will result in more fuel getting to the engine. If you have a fuel-injected engine, use an adjustable fuel pressure regulator. But if you have a carburetor with your engine, you will probably need to redo the distributor and put in new jetting, and maybe put in new pistons as well.

By keeping these tips in mind, your vehicle will have a supercharger that will provide just the boost in power you’ve always wanted.

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