How to Know What Questions Are Appropriate Ask a Celebrity Speaker

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If you are going to be asking a celebrity speaker a question, then you should know what is appropriate or not to ask them. The last thing you want to do is offend them. They might not want to return to the venue or answer your questions in the future. So here is what you should know about what questions are better than others to ask to these celebrities:

Ask Them Beforehand

The key to begin with is trying to get communication going with the speaker as soon as possible before and during the event. You want to know if there are specific questions that they like or don’t like. Otherwise, you risk asking a question that is not appropriate for that speaker.

For instance, you can reach out via email or online and ask them to send you a list of questions that they do not want asked. Or you can take them aside before the event and ask them in private. Either way, it is better to know this kind of thing beforehand. It will be much easier to keep them in a positive mood because they know certain things are off limits.

Treat Them With Respect

If you have the luck of having a job where you get to ask celebrities questions, then you are still not out of the woods yet. You need to treat the person with respect. Always remember that they chose to be there with you. They did not have to agree to come and speak at this event or conduct an interview.

With that in mind, try to address them by their preferred name or title. Some people have more personal rules regarding how they like to be addressed. Even if you would not normally treat someone with such respect if you were just hanging out with your friends, you want to be more mindful when it is a celebrity guest.

Avoid Trap Questions

Certain questions can be perceived in the wrong way. They can lead to conversations that the speaker did not want to have. It might b a sensitive subject such as why they picked a certain venue or person on their staff. Avoid these trap questions to not appear like you are trying to get a reaction out of them. Otherwise, they might shut down.

Put Them in a Positive Light

Celebrities often see themselves as more of a one-person business, rather than simply a pawn in someone else’s game. So don’t make it seem like they are made to do anything by anyone else. You want to talk up their accomplishments while downplaying any failures they have had. Always remember to boost their recognition with the audience.

This is something that is very important. The reason is that the audience will be very accepting to a speaker who seems like they are knowledgeable. They are more likely to take their advice and apply it. So it is actually something that is in the audience’s best interest in the end. A little bit of planning and positivity can really go a long way.

Warm Up With Softer Questions

Even if you have a great question, it might not be appropriate to ask it. You want to warm up to bigger questions. If you go right into the big question instantly, it could have the opposite effect you are going for. Instead of opening up, they might stand their ground and refuse to answer it.

This can lead to a situation that is embarrassing for the audience and the person asking the question. Try to give them some more basic questions and then warm up to the larger questions. That way, they are already talking and in the mood to share certain information. Their mood is a key indicator in how willing they will be to go down certain roads.

Getting to the point where you know which questions to ask a celebrity speaker or not can be a challenge. However, if you have the right information you don’t need to be concerned. Simply apply what you have learned above. Then, have the confidence that your question will come from a place of confidence. You will know what is appropriate and what isn’t.

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