The Importance Of Choosing The Right Daycare For Your Pet

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When most people think of daycare, they think only of their children. However, as more and more families are gone to work during the day, daycare is becoming a popular destination for pets as well. In fact, doggie daycare is growing more popular by the day, as are other establishments that allow for cats and other pets to spend time with one another as well as human companions. Considered a great way to make sure pets are supervised during the day and have plenty of social interaction, pet daycare facilities are a convenient option for people who consider their pets to be valued members of their family. If you’re ready to select a daycare facility for your pet, here are some important tips to keep in mind.

Make Sure it is a Good Fit for Your Pet

Rather than simply select a daycare facility for your pet and drop them off there without having any idea what to expect, always make sure it is a good fit for your pet. To do so, take your pet’s personality into consideration. Since most pet daycare facilities are social settings filled with high-energy and plenty of activities, make sure your pet will truly enjoy this. If your pet does not enjoy social interactions, this may not be the best option.

Inspect the Facility

Once you have a potential pet daycare spot in mind, always make an in-person visit prior to signing up your pet for its services. For example, when making your initial visit, make sure you look for certain things. These should include adequate amounts of human supervision for the pets, if the facility appears to be clean, if the pets who are there appear to be happy, and if the facility is secure enough so that your beloved pet cannot escape and wander away. For most reputable pet daycare facilities, they are more than pleased to offer prospective clients a tour. If your first choice resists at doing so, look elsewhere immediately.

Interview the Staff

Since your pet is a beloved member of your family, always make sure you are comfortable with the staff who will be in charge of your pet. Therefore, always meet the staff and have plenty of questions ready to ask them while you are there. This should include their training and experience, what activities will be planned for your pet, how they handle medical emergencies, and anything else you feel is important. Once you are satisfied with the answers, you can feel comfortable signing up your pet.

Make Some Unannounced Visits

Even if you feel very comfortable signing up your pet for services at a daycare facility, always plan to make one or two unannounced visits shortly after you begin using its services. By doing so, you’ll get a true feel for how things go on a daily basis with your pet. While there, make sure you pay close attention to how your pet acts. If it seems happy and carefree, all is well. However, if it appears to be scared or nervous, you may want to reconsider your decision or look for another facility. Also, if your pet is injured in any way and staff are evasive about explaining what happened, definitely remove your pet from the facility immediately, take them to a vet, and look for another daycare option.

Take Advantage of High-Tech Options

At more and more pet daycare facilities, customers have the ability to check in on their pets by downloading an app that allows for real-time viewing 24/7. By having this option, you can feel much more secure about your pet, since you’ll be able to see how things are going whenever the urge hits you. If your daycare facility has this option, definitely use it on a regular basis.

By choosing the best daycare facility for your pet, chances are both you and your pet will be much happier

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