Top 7 Tips for Empty Nest Boomers Hoping to Downsize

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After your children leave home to begin their adult lives, you may decide that your home is too large. Empty nesters may not want the additional expense from paying for the mortgage on a larger home or the upkeep of the property. In addition, it is time-consuming to care for a huge house with multiple bathrooms and bedrooms. Here are seven great tips for downsizing as an empty nester, so you can use these ideas to help you move to a smaller home.

Tip 1: Tell Your Children about Your Plans

You should inform your children about the move to a different home in advance. This is especially important when the adult children still have items stored in the home. Tell your children that they can collect the items that they want to keep, or alternatively, you can pack and ship the things to their home. You should inform the children that they must collect the items because you can no longer store the extra things in a smaller home.

Tip 2: Get Rid of the Clutter in the Current Home

While you are waiting for your adult children to pick up their stored possessions, you must also sort through your own clutter. Determine what you must keep, including important documents or family photographs, but you must become realistic about what you can move to a smaller home. If you want to earn some cash, then you can sell household goods at a garage sale, or alternatively, you can advertise your larger items at online websites.

Tip 3: Clean Every Surface in Your Home

You must clean every surface in a home before listing it for sale. If this is too difficult for you to do, then seek help from your adult children or contact a professional cleaner. In addition to shampooing the carpets, you will also need to wash the walls and the ceilings. It is especially important to sanitize the bathrooms and the kitchen.

Tip 4: Look for a Professional Real Estate Agent

Begin looking for a real estate agent who will show your current home to potential buyers. The real estate agent can give you additional advice about staging the home for the viewing process, and you will also learn more about how much money you can make from selling the house. With this information, you can determine how much money you have to rent an apartment or to buy a smaller place to live in.

Tip 5: Look at Other Properties Right Away

Decide if you want to move into a smaller house or a condominium. Some empty nesters want to move into an apartment, and occasionally, a baby boomer is ready to move into an assisted living community. Take notes as you visit each place to understand the deposit costs and other monetary issues. Remember that if your home is sold right away, then you will need to move within a few weeks, so you should have a plan in place for this issue.

Tip 6: Contact Several Moving Companies

Some moving companies have busy schedules, so you can’t wait until the week before the new owners move in to find a mover for your household goods. Call several moving companies to get quotes and to learn if there is a truck available for the moving process. At the same time, take time to consider if you want to move all of the furniture, appliances and electronics that you currently own.

Tip 7: Organizing for the Moving Process

Organize your possessions into stacks of similar items so that the packers can wrap and protect the items carefully. You can also sort things by different rooms so that all of the items for a bedroom are in one or two containers, making unpacking easier. Make sure to keep your valuable items in a safe location so that you can move these things on your own.

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