The Top Uses for a Portable Storage Container

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Portable storage containers have grown in popularity, beyond the traditional purposes of transportation and storage of goods. The ability to connect these containers side by side or even stack them up on top of each other provides one with the necessary framework to create anything they want. Also, as with other traditional structures, amenities like electrical, lighting and plumbing can be installed to increase functionality. The durability and portability of these containers help increase their popularity among enthusiasts. The following are some uses of portable storage containers.


The number of high-end homes being built using refurbished containers has increased considerably. Architects have found a way to utilize the thousands of shipping containers that lie idle on docks around the world. The containers are converted into studios, guesthouses, and family homes, and offer an affordable and sustainable alternative to traditional houses. Various companies that sell storage container homes have been on the rise. They prefabricate and assemble these homes in a considerably short period as compared to traditional houses of the same size. Typically, shipping containers come in two sizes, one offering 160 square feet and the other 320 square feet of living space, which makes combining of containers to create more significant areas a necessity.

Urban Farms

Farming has always been a reserve for a rural area. However, various startups have come up with innovations to convert storage containers into urban farms. Systems such as hydroponics are installed into the shipping containers, which are insulted for an optimal environment, whereby pesticide- and GMO-free crops are grown indoors under the unique LED light. Some of these farms are monitored and controlled by sensors, while farmers use smartphones to keep track of all parameters such as lighting, soil temperature, CO2 levels among other environmental variables. These farms are high-tech and optimized for maximum productivity. The produce is then freshly packed and sold directly to the urban community.

Medical Facilities

Shipping containers are used in the construction of affordable medical facilities such as hospitals and doctors’ offices. These containers come in handy where there is a need for short construction time. Mobile clinics can be installed on shipping containers to help in the delivery of medical services in remote areas and for purposes of providing emergency medical services. In this case, all the essential equipment’s are fitted inside one container to ensure doctors have all the tools that are available in a regular clinic.


Use of shipping containers in schools has increased, with a wide range of application areas. Schools have to accommodate many things to provide the best educational experience. Shipping containers offer additional storage units which facilitate institutions to invest in sports equipment. They also offer temporary and permanent space for emergency classes. “After school clubs” can utilize shipping containers as dedicated ‘clubhouses’ for their members to attend school. Storage containers can also provide a watertight and secure space during exams, where there is need to manage the arrival and departure of the exam papers, store special equipment while ensuring all strict rules are followed.

Event Sites

The ease of setting up and removing storage containers with the help of a flatbed truck makes them a great temporary event site. Also, they are more weather-proof compared to the typical tents and other portable structures used to accommodate crowds in events.

Retail Shops

Shipping containers are used for outdoor retail spaces due to the ability to stack them up and their structural-ready state, which reduces construction time and enable retailers to open up start selling their products quickly.


Restaurants are known to attract or repel customers by how they have presented their storefront. Stacked storage container restaurants offer a compelling storefront that makes potential customers curious to check it out at least once and see how it looks inside.


In urban areas, space limitations and high construction costs have led a trendy alternative to conventional bar premises. Also, these bars look cool and give off an eco-friendly feel and a modern aura.

Wine Cellars

Containers are converted into wine cellars and fitted with temperature controls for optimum wine storage. These offer a cheaper and more practical alternative to constructing underground wine cellars, especially where the surface is too rocky.

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