Understanding Amazon’s Affiliate Program

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Amazon has one of the largest and most effective affiliate marketing programs in the world. It allows a huge number of content creators to support themselves with their work while also providing that content for free to anyone with an Internet connection. The system can seem a little bit complicated to new users, but the core mechanisms are fairly simple. Some of the strategies that affiliates use can be more complex, but most people who can create content can also learn how to use Amazon’s affiliate program to monetize it without too much trouble.

Basic Mechanics

At the most basic level, the program pays people who own and operate websites for every person who follows a link from that site to Amazon and then makes a purchase. The fee is a percentage of the price that the customer pays for their order, with the precise percentage varying depending on the type of product.

Amazon offers a lot of tools to make that easier. SiteStripe is the most important of them, since it will automatically convert Amazon page addresses into text links that a creator can insert onto their site. It can also help to track earnings or even produce social media posts that include links to Amazon. There are also a variety of banners and other advertising tools that creators can insert directly onto their web pages. That spares them the trouble of learning about graphic design and technical implementation to create their own.

Common Affiliate Sites

Those tools are only useful for people who have sites that can host the links. Almost any website can make use of the program, but most of the successful ones provide free content. Blogs, personal sites, and even comics are common choices. There are a few that do particularly well, and it is best to think of those types of site as core parts of the program.

Review and comparison sites are among the most common and popular. They publish articles that focus on reviewing a list of related products that are available from Amazon, with a comparison of each one. They naturally include a link to each of those products with the article, so people can conveniently order them. This is a great method because it attracts people who are already in the market for something and helps them to make a choice while also generating revenue for the affiliate.

Personal blogs on a variety of topics are also a common choice. People who are enthusiastic about any sort of hobby or interest will tend to read blogs on that topic and be willing to buy related products. The author provides a link to products on Amazon whenever one gets mentioned naturally in the blog. They often combine this with other types of monetization for their work, but some do sustain themselves entirely on the affiliate program.

Artists often provide free comics or other media over the Internet. They depend on some mixture of advertising revenue and donations to fund the product, and those can be the same thing. In this case, the author will often provide a broad set of affiliate links and encourage their supporters to buy through those links whenever they want to buy anything on Amazon. That essentially allows the viewers and supporters to donate without spending any extra money, since the price of the purchase is the same whether they go through the link or not.

While those are the most common options, there are plenty of other sites that have done well with the program. Creativity is key, and anyone who can work links into their site can benefit from doing so.

Search Engine Optimization

All of those sites, regardless of the exact type, need to care about search engine optimization, or SEO. That is a set of techniques that can make a site show up higher in the list on search engines, which makes it more likely that people will look at it and click the links. It will be more important for some sites than others, and it can be fairly complicated, but anyone with an interest in the affiliate program should investigate those techniques to make their site perform as well as possible.

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