Blogging for me is something deeply personal, but it also needs to connect with the wider world.

I like to write about anything and everything that captures my interest.

But then, I also have to remember to present it in a way which captures the interest of the people around me – in other words, YOU the reader.

This can be done most effectively by taking a photo or the thing that I am blogging about – because it is true what they say about a photo being worth a thousand words. Or was it a million?

The subjects that people enjoy viewing the most on my blogs have been the most intensely personal ones.

The series of blog posts I made about pregnancy, birth and beyond were some of the most popular.

Simple stuff, such as what to pack to take to the hospital to give birth with and the reality of having a toddler crawling around an apartment designed for childless adults’ also, proved a crowd puller.

It is true that since the birth of my son, Sammy, I have suddenly had a lot of things on my mind, which it seems plenty of other parents (and non parents) have been more than happy to keep reading about!

It presents practical challenges each and every day and gives me something else to focus in on.

Who would have thought that choosing car seat for a baby was such an ordeal? And that buggies were so expensive? And difficult to use in some circumstances?

But what I write isn’t always about me and is not always borne out of personal circumstances.

Sometimes, it is the experiences of others that shape us as well.

I was inspired to write about the painful condition endometriosis after seeing what hell it had put my best friend Marty through.

One thing that I have learned since writing a blog is that everyone has a view and everyone should be able to express it (politely, of course).

This is why I am always keen to read the comments and feelings of others’ on my writings and my findings.

Some of the blogs I have been moved to write have come as a response to someone else’s reaction, to something that I have written.

In a way, I see blogging as a dialogue and a conversation with others about how we see the world – and it isn’t always the same for every person!