What is Testosterone Therapy and Who Needs It?

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The hormone testosterone is a key part of the building blocks of life with both genders needing this to survive and grow as we live our lives. Testosterone therapy is often seen as one of the best ways of holding off the effects of aging in men who usually see a fall in their testosterone levels when they reach middle age. Testosterone therapy has been shown to increase the alertness of men and increase sexual libido levels among men who may have felt old and unable to maintain their previous levels of energy, according to Harvard University.

What is testosterone therapy?

Testosterone therapy can take a number of different forms from liquid taken in injection format to tablets prescribed by a doctor. There are a number of different reasons why men of all ages looking to take part in testosterone therapies, including the problem of a lack of self-confidence caused by the loss of the hormone at its usual levels within the body of the affected person.

Testosterone therapy is a simple way of pushing more of the hormone into your body as you try to return your mind and body to its former glory. The idea of replacing hormones is not a new one because it has been used by women of all ages for a number of years in the treatment known as hormone replacement therapy. Much like the hormones used by women in the 21st-century, testosterone therapy is a long-term approach to returning the hormone balance of your body to its former glory that can help you become happier and healthier for the long-term.

Who needs testosterone therapy?

The first step in making your way to testosterone therapy is to make sure you are working with your doctor to get a diagnosis of what is happening within your body. The first thing that usually happens is the man who is affected by a low level of testosterone in their body will find themselves seeing various changes regarding their body and mind. Once you begin to identify the symptoms of low testosterone levels in your body, you will usually find yourself identifying a few effects on your body.

Firstly, you could see your moods swinging more dramatically than usual along with a few problems with fatigue and problems with concentration. Men may see more problems with their body than with their mind as they tend to begin to lose muscle definition when they are faced with problems such as low testosterone. Testosterone is a key factor in maintaining sexual health in men of all ages and a lack of the hormone can lead to many problems such as a low sex drive.

Treating hypogonadism

The issue of low testosterone levels in your body is known scientifically as hypogonadism and is usually diagnosed by a medical professional using blood tests, US News reports. Hypogonadism is a common problem in men with many doctors and specialists in sexual health believing the best course of treatment is to use testosterone therapies.

The use of testosterone treatments allows men to improve their lives with an increase in muscle mass usually seen although some reports do not believe the strength of the individual male is positively affected. There are a number of positives surrounding the use of testosterone therapies to treat hypogonadism including the ability to achieve a more restful nights sleep.

Some men who are not affected by hypogonadism have decided to use testosterone therapies as a positive way of holding off the effects of aging. There is little scientific proof that those who are not affected by hypogonadism gain any benefit from the use of testosterone as a dietary supplement.

When you feel you are affected by the symptoms of low testosterone, you should look to your family medical professional for confirmation. The best option when looking to take part in testosterone therapies is to work with a medical professional to make sure testosterone therapy works for you.

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