What to Do if You are Injured in an Accident

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The first thing to do if you are injured in an accident is to hire a lawyer to represent your interests. That way you will be able to get monetary compensation for your injury. Therefore, here is some advice to help you to find the right lawyer.

Here are some thoughts, some very personal, that I have arrived at after more than ten years of working with this profession. It is essential to discuss the fees of a lawyer during a first appointment. In summary, meet several lawyers, ask many questions, and choose the one that seems most open, the most attentive, the most available for dialogue, the clearest regarding fees and the one you feel most comfortable with.

A lawyer can not consult without the right documents and without having taken the time to study your file and do some research. Indeed, it is imperative to create between you and your lawyer a relationship of trust and loyalty. Although the client may freely choose his lawyer, the lawyer solicited may validly refuse to take charge of the case submitted to him for a few reasons.

He may refuse if he does not feel competent, if the case offends his convictions, if he can not devote sufficient time to the file because of his current workload, or because of a conflict of interest. The chosen lawyer is, therefore, free to refuse to take over a portfolio or to unload it after working on the case for a while. The quality of the skills of a lawyer can be assessed according to his reputation; however, care must be taken because a high level of notoriety does not guarantee a specific result.

It is not easy for someone who is not part of the judicial system to know which lawyer to choose. On the other hand, it is evident that the choice of a lawyer is a crucial step from the perspective of a future court case or arbitration. Choosing a lawyer is a strenuous exercise, given the fact that there is no specific rule to find the perfect lawyer. Also, the methods listed here have their limits. Remember, most of the time, mediation requires a lawyer and a mediator, although some lawyers are mediators, in which case he or she can do it alone.

If the other party agrees, then the mediator will first try to renew the dialogue between the two parties and then try to find a satisfactory agreement for both parties. Also, one of your friends who is satisfied with the lawyer who handled his divorce is not necessarily going to give good advice when it comes to dealing with a case of an injury caused by someone driving under the influence of alcohol, with a hit and run, etc.

A lawyer must also be able to impose himself in court, and therefore should have a strong character. Also, while some lawyers are general practitioners, others are specialized in specific disciplines. It is also up to you to ask of or even impose on your lawyer the overall tone that you want to show in the conclusions that will give the judge an image of who you are and how you reason.

Similarly, when the client uses a lawyer in several areas of his private and professional life, the lawyer will be in possession of valuable information, and there must be a real bond of trust. A friend that recommends a lawyer may not have an objective point of view on this dispute and may not necessarily help you to make the right decisions. Additionally, if your case goes poorly, you may get angry with the lawyer, and also with your friend.

The rules of the legal profession mean in particular that a professional lawyer must scrupulously respect an exact code of ethics which he is expected to follow, by his colleagues and by his clients. To find out more about the specificities of each domain, do not hesitate to consult your lawyer. Also, many lawyers have a masters degree in law (LLM) or even several masters or a doctorate in law. Therefore, examine the degrees that a lawyer has before you decide on whether to hire them or not.

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